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Hum Kaha ke Sachy The Episode 11 Review- Mehreen’s Acquittal

A simple story with solid performances is enough to make it a drama worth watching. A perfect example of this would be Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Tha, where every episode leaves you wanting more after each scene ends and conversation between characters continues in your head long afterward! Mehreen Isn’t Guilty.

The best part about this entire episode was how Mehreen was taken back to the memory of her father and all the things he would say when she misbehaved. It showed that even after so many years have passed by, she still listens to what he says because it’s crucial for her not only in his presence but also when he passes away.

While everyone around her tried to prove that she was the culprit, in Mehreen’s heart, there existed this sense of satisfaction. She knew what she hadn’t done, and nobody could take away from it – not even herself with all their words of criticism or doubt!

I must also appreciate that no matter what happens, the director always manages to take viewers back in time and reminds us of how much Mehreen has suffered. These flashbacks are adding additional value with every episode for sure! This latest example showed us Rabia’s wedding day, which caused her mother’s separation from herself.

I should say more about these flashback sequences, but they’re something special. There is also this fantastic opportunity to connect dots between different events by showing their significance or relevance within each other without explicitly saying anything. it feels magical.

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Unfortunately, Rabia expects Mehreen to always understand her reasons and justifications without allowing Mehreen time for introspection. It’s clear how much of an influence she had from her mother when she was growing up. Her mother would think there would have been some measure of empathy in return, at least enough not to make matters worse by being absent during such trying times?

I can’t believe Aswad saw Mehreen’s asthma attack as lying and manipulation. When he was thinking about Mehreen after seeing what condition she was in, I felt terrible for her because now she will give up on anything fed to them.

I was disappointed in Saleha. She has been the voice of reason but fails to see how her ‘wish’ for Aswad and Mehreen’s marriage destroyed this entire family? Now it seems like she wants Mehreen to marry Safaan because otherwise, their whole families will go separate ways even further than what happened before if that would make sense at all.

All the flashbacks of video clips that Mashal had with Aswad were very heartbreaking. It’s sad how she knows what makes him happy but also faces guilt for not being with her special someone.’ Although this situation is making both Mehreen and Aswad suffer from pain over lost love, I’m glad we can see some sort of progress in drama. All the videos were enough for justification that Mashal was madly in love with Aswad, but he bowed down his bead in front of his mother.

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I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in how they showed their reactions after Mashal’s death. It would have been better if both Shagufta and Tahir had managed to maintain some sense of control, considering the amount of time that has passed since her death.

The mother’s intense emotion and father’s extreme reaction highlighted how they both were Mashal’s parents. With these two traits, it seems like Nani is going to have a conversation with Aswad!

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