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Hum Kaha ke Sachy the Episode 2 Review| Mehreen’s Life

The episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Tha focused on the struggles that Mehreen faced in her life. She had no one to turn to for support and was left trying to figure it all out by herself, which came across as very interesting due I felt like so many aspects were covered without being overdone or unrealistic at any point during this show.

In the previous episode, we see Aswad and Mehreen as kids. They are cousins! Aswad likes to hang around with her because she is kind and well-dressed; Mashal, on the other hand, can be found downing his favorite drink at any given moment of the day (which might not always involve water). But despite all their differences, the two(Aswad & Mehreen) seem like close friends: usually, they’re seen together or talking animatedly amongst themselves.

The plot of the episode 2

The episode starts with Mehreen going to her friend Sheeba’s home just for the sake of avoiding a confrontation. The two friends talked about how important she moves on and starts a new life, but Mehreen doesn’t sound too interested in what she is saying. The mother knows that her relationship with Mehreen has been damaged due to her father’s death and remarriage.

Nani is very prejudiced and bitter towards Mehreen. She taunts her about how useless her father was, claiming that she is the same as him, which causes more pain for Mehreen. Mehreen doesn’t like her mother because she knows she is more of Tooba’s and Anam’s mother. I will straight away say that I already dislike Nani’s character. She is a part of the problem & she has contributed more than anyone could have guessed to Mehreen’s bitterness.

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Mehreen has made it evident that Nani doesn’t want any relationship with her, and now she feels like an outsider even though both girls grew up together.

Nani, Tahir & Shagufta have been telling lies to Aswad about Mehreen. Mashal has also been drawing the wrong image of her, just like she was removed when he first saw it in his mother’s and Nani’s eyes- lashing out at anyone who got near them for having any good thoughts about their daughter.

The conclusion

In this episode, we see that Mehreen has no support and comfort from her so-called family. Her mother also left her behind when she was a child, making the situation even worse for them. Nowadays, everything is pretty much on her (selling paintings)  since there aren’t any other people to help out with those things anymore.

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