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Hum Kaha Ke Sachy The Episode 3 Review – Mashal (A Hypocrite)

In this pool of emotionally unavailable people, Mehreen has succeeded in finding a few gems( Saliha) who truly wish well for her & want to see her stable and happy.

Aswad and Mashal’s video falsely criticize Mehreen for being rude to everyone, badmouthing about Aswad’s mother. When she went to meet her at home after college–this idea did not go well with Mashal’s mom, who kept on blaming all of these things onto mehreen just because Nani asked her also! Now you see why I wouldn’t say I liked the character of Nani; instead of protecting her, she is gossiping with her Bahu.

Mehreen tells her aunt that she doesn’t like when her mother visits her. Mehreen’s Khala said that it’s not easy for her mother to see because she faces challenges in both of their houses, but Mehreen was still convinced.

Aswad asks his mother if she can trust Mehreen, but she brushes off the question with a smile. He explains how Mashal found out about their conversation. She tells her mother not to trust Mehreen.

Mashal searches in Mehreen’s room and finds a diary including photos where Meheen expresses hate towards him, making matters worse between them.

Mashal shows her best evil side by setting cigarettes in Mehreen’s room and creating the wrong picture with Aswad. She’ll make sure when he comes back from Pakistan, all that will be on his mind is how much she dislikes him now because Mashal poisoned everything between them!

Mehreen finally got a chance to talk on call; happy that his voice sounded nice, but unfortunately, everything changed after asking if they could quit smoking or else waste time doing what shouldn’t be done, without realizing these were things done because someone wanted something from them (in this case).

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My viewpoint

Well, This episode shows there is no one except Aswad’s mother who wishes well for Mehreen. Otherwise, every person in Mehreen’s family despises her and sees her as a threat. Mashal, Shagufta, and Nani show how hateful a person can be. Aswad impulsively confronting Mehreen without hearing her side of the story was wrong. Mehreen being rude is justifying because everyone just accuses her of being a daughter of an addicted father.

The scene where Mashal is throwing Mehreen’s inhaler and jumping on the sofa was a bit too much for me.

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