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Hum Kaha ke Sachy The Episode 4 Review- Confused Aswad

This entire episode was dedicated to Aswad and how he would change the equation shared by everyone now. Mashal seemed adamant about scoring brownie points, but she was being helped by her mother as well. While watching their interactions, one thing became quite clear – for all of his efforts so far, it seems like this is nothing more than a friendship, while with Mashail, things were evident from constantly daydreaming over him being her Prince Charming!

At a certain point in the episode, I will say that I felt as if Aswad didn’t have anything else to talk about apart from Mehreen, but then this was his director’s way of establishing how much he cares for her. The more time passes without paying attention or managing deeply enough means there are feelings you can never entirely escape, even though they may feel overwhelming on occasion.

Mashal has been trying hard to make an impression, but he didn’t even look at the painting that Mehreen spent so much time decorating his room. In my opinion, it was kind of a giveaway – Aswad should have looked more closely for himself and seen how impressed she made him with her work ethic!

Beginning of episode 4

This episode starts with Mehreen and Mashal’s fight over Inhelor, the sudden death of their bird. Tired of every day’s hate argument between them both, Mehreen tells safi that she is ready for marriage.

Aswad moved back to his homeland (Pakistan), and Mashal arrived at his home. As she is a hypocrite always badmouths, Mehreen and Aswad believed everything she said. Mashal is a planner, so she asked him to drop home, where there was an argument going on between Mashal’s mother and Mhreen. Aswad perceived Mehreen as wrong, and Mehreen didn’t explain anything to Aswad.

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Marshal’s mother successfully patches the wrong image of Mehreen in front of Aswad, as they want him to regret her when it comes time for marriage. They hope that he’ll choose Mashall and not her- even though she is the best.

Nani invites Aswad and her mother for family dinner, where Mehreen is missing as she doesn’t want to meet Aswad, so the maid tells them that she is not home.  Mashall continues praising herself while describing how rebellious and disrespectful Mehreen has been all day long- even in front of Nani! They also tell everyone what a terrible person “Mehreen” is by having no respect at such an important event like this one…

Aswad goes to meet up with Mehreen, and he apologizes for being rude on the phone earlier. The two of them have a brief meeting before Aswad leaves.

My Viewpoint

I feel sorry for the young girl, who has been made to live a life of misery by her own family. They are all too busy blaming and criticizing her in ways that would make anyone bitter with resentment towards themself. The only way out, it seems as if Mehreen can see now, is marriage because at least then someone will be there for support during these times where she feels so alone!

I have a big problem with Aswad, and he is too blind to see the truth and immediately makes his reservations for Mehreen. If Mashal wants him as her man, she can do better by being more creative rather than pulling down Mehreen. We’ll have to wait until the next episode to understand her concerns.

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Saliha seems like an exciting individual who genuinely understands how much pain and suffering there must’ve been behind all those schemes from Mashal against Mehreen. I am very excited to learn about the situation when Aswad will know the reality of Mashal.

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