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Hum Kaha ke Sachy The Episode 5 Review| Mashal’s Insecurity

The show is what we all look forward to, and Mahira Khan’s impeccable performances are the life of it. Kubra Khan has given a brilliant performance in this episode; not one single person could overlook her brilliance! In previous episodes, there was such spectacular chemistry between Mehreen and Aswad. In the following episode, we are going to learn about Mashal’s insecurities regarding Aswad.

The beginning of episode 5

This episode starts with Aswaad and her mother discussing Mehreen’s position in Nani’s house, but the Aswad thinks she can control it. Mehreen meets Safi at his friend’s home to talk privately about family matters between two friends who have grown up together and lost their fathers by now. Safi’s mother said that he had also lost his father, but she did not think of remarriage for the sake of Safan.

Mehreen went to her Phupoo house and surprisingly met Aswad, as he wasn’t home. She wants to leave, but Aswad tells her that she can stay for coffee with him if she wishes – an offer quickly accepted by this hungry soul! He also gives a watch before asking what Mashal had said about her bad habits (which was related). For some reason, Mashal saw them together in one place so far away from where they usually meet. It was the first time when Mashal’s natural face was revealed, and Aswad was shocked.

Mashaal went home and searched Mehreen’s room, but she found nothing new. She re-read the diary from earlier in the day where it said that she has anxiety related to Safan. So now Mashaal is as evil a witch with her mother making all possible attempts to degrade Mehreen in front of Aswad while also trying hard at causing anxiety among her friends by spreading lies. Her intentions are not good. Her next target is Safi.

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Later, Mashal calls Aswad; first, he regrets but then again, and comforts her about his behavior where she confuses love for him. Does he ask if he likes Mehreen?

Aswad gets offended by such a question and answers, “I would never think that way or even towards you,” to which Mashal shocks with a solution of NO!

My viewpoint

Why did Mehreen leave her diary just like that when she wrote down such important information in it? Aswad has to learn things on his own about Mehreen and needs to stop trusting Mashal. I don’t understand one thing why Aswad doesn’t trust her mother, who keeps telling him how good a girl is, but then they do the opposite! This episode moved between all three characters: Mehreen/Aswad/, Mashal. We want some happy scenes with relief from this disheartening atmosphere for these plays.

Aswad is too innocent to be a hero, but this time he has realized why Mashal always talks wrong about him and Mehreen? When she was at his house after seeing her on TV for the first time, so many things spoke volumes about her insecure mentality. And yet, her jealousy showed even more than before! But still, Aswad believes Mashal. Our hearts go out with poor Mehreen because no matter what happens next, it will never replace all these feelings inside us.

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