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Hum Kaha Ke Sachy The Episode 6 Review- Mashal’s Tricks

In the previous episode, we saw how Mashal was demeaning Mehreen in front of Aswad. And this week’s episode is no different as her never-ending jealousy led to more Fallen from grace for poor Safwaan– she starts sending degrading messages towards Mehreen!

I enjoyed this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. I found it interesting that Aswad’s confusion was elaborated on a little further, and some of the dialogues did sound too typical, which made them kind of funny in an underlying way for me to enjoy – especially when other things were going around; at times!

The diary of Mehreen tells the story of her life and how she has been dealing with Mashal’s jealous behavior. As Safran enters the picture, emotions run high, but there is hope for future relationships because he seems like a good guy.

Hum Kaha Ke Sachy The Episode 6 Review

On reading about Safan in such an open book, Mashal, becomes more fascinated than ever before- until things take an ugly turn which leaves readers wanting for answers!. She continues to send messages to Safran about Mehreen’s Past and her father.

The good thing is that Safwaan tells everything about those messages to Mehreen, telling her that someone envies her and he doubts it must be a close family member. She gets disturbed; she’s damn sure- Mashal, of course! So she asks him if his data traces out any more info on these incoming texts.

Aswad is shown to be the dumbest hero, and he has no brain of his own. He sees Mehreen and Safwaan together dining out, and there he starts blaming her in front of her mother for keeping boyfriends later confronting them both, getting a befitting shut up reply saying that as their friend “Go To Hell!” on which she replies with an elegant yet powerful line: “hell may hi tu hoon” (which could also mean. It seems like this dialogue hit him because Aswad then became very quiet—just like someone threw water at him!–and fled from the scene without another word.

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My viewpoint

It seems that even though Aswad does not deserve her, Mehreen still falls in love with him. It’s like Safan is a knight in shining armor for this dumb girl, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be by her side no matter what! But we know there has got to be something more than just romance between these two; if they were together, then Mashal would have never sent those messages/emails, right? So unless mehreen plans on marrying safan, which I don’t see happening. Mehreen has got something in her mind because she says that she will surely take revenge.

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