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Hum Kaha Ke Sachy The Episode 7 Review- Mehreen Agrees

All major three characters are twisted ones, including the protagonist Mehreen, well Mashal, and she’s been having much trouble lately. Her hatred for Mehreen just makes sense, but Aswad being stupid doesn’t seem right at all!. In the previous episode, we saw that he asked her to reject his proposal despite knowing how much it would hurt – now in this episode, they’re getting engaged anyways? What happens?

Hum Kaha Ke Sachy The Episode 7 Review

Aswad’s character is not coming across as impressive. So far, he hasn’t shown many personality traits that make me like him, but his submissiveness in front of his mother seemed a bit out of the blue, which highlighted one point perfectly; Aswad appears to be more focused on what other people think than himself and will find an escape at any cost if it becomes too much for him emotionally or physically (which we saw with Mashal). It was a bit too obvious that Aswad would resort to his usual excuse of “Ami Nhi Maan Rahein” and find some way out.

It’s hard for Aswad to read the toxicity written all over Mashal and her mother’s face. Despite how much venom she spews about his family, he still wants to marry this woman? It makes sense that such a balanced and positive person would raise him, but why is Aswad so dumb? The story doesn’t make any sense in some places.

Well, Mehreen plays well here. When her Khala tells her that Aswad is ready to marry her, she agrees to marry him too! The four of them go out for dinner–Khalas super happy because now Mehreen can finally be at peace after all these years without anyone blaming him or giving backtalk about her parent’s relationship crisis.

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Mashal slapped Mehreen when she found out that Mehreen had married Aswad without Mashal’s permission. It is one of the most disturbing scenes in the play because you can tell how much pain this has caused for poor Mehreen, who goes through so much just trying not to be hated anymore. Mehreen was also embarrassed by her best friend Sheeba for deceiving Safan.

My viewpoint

I was somehow happy for Mehreen as she was always wanted to marry Aswad. But I felt very sorry for poor Safan. He didn’t deserve this betrayal. Why can’t Mehreen marry Safan and marry Aswad? Who doesn’t even love her? Why does Aswad cant see the harsh attitude and jealousy of Mashal when she says that I will die but not let you married to Mehreen?

Aswad is such a toxic person that he tries to use Mehreen and, just like Mashal, in front of his mother. He wants to have a clear image in front of his mother.

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