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Hum Kaha Ke Sachy The Episode 8 Review- Infidelity

The next episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is sure to be an interesting one because it seems like the situation has now taken a turn for the worse.

One side tried their best, but nothing seemed workable, so there were more issues on both sides than anything else, which makes sense only after understanding how unbalanced everything was in this entire mess!

However, I am looking forward to seeing what’s coming up because at least some positivity came out from last week’s show – maybe things will finally start getting enjoyable again soon too?

Aswad’s Infidelity

Aswad is a character I do not like. He fails to take responsibility for what he has done and how all these years, Aswad led Mashal into believing that he wanted to marry her but when it comes down to taking action on his desires or even talking about them in an honest manner with others-the boy becomes rather wishy-washy & weak-minded too problematic at times. He just only can’t go against the wishes of Saleha.

Aswad once told Saleha about Mashal, and when she said that it would make her happy to see him with Mehreen, he didn’t say anything convincing. The way his mother was being treated by their family had nothing on how Aswad felt towards making any decisions regarding himself or anyone else; this included not giving clarity out there regarding what “it” really is between him & Mashal.

Aswad was seen repeating the same thing repeatedly that he never led Mashal into believing that he would marry her, which makes him look like nothing but a coward. Another aspect of his personality trait is how loud & stern Aswad seems with Mehreen, but he becomes soft-spoken when it comes to Mashal.

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When Mashal came to confront him, Aswad, not making an eye-contact & trying to look away, further established that he is well aware of what he has done. He could have just taken responsibility for it and apologized, but no! Instead, there were more guilt trips: He was rude to Mehreen and said, ” I’m going through all this trouble by myself, ” showing Mehreen how much pain our relationship is causing us ca.

It is strange that a mature man like Aswad, who has always behaved with class and grace no matter what situation he was in, could show such ungraceful behavior. He had given her plenty of reasons beforehand about how he wanted them married, so this reaction by hers makes sense because everyone knows when someone wants something, they will do anything within their power to get it!

Saleha has been the most believable character in this entire narrative, but she continued to deny that Aswad had ever been friends with Mashal. It was like she didn’t even want him to have a possibility of such sort, when on top of what he said before-to Saleha herself? She shouldn’t be so staunch about their breakup and how they’ll never marry each other!

Saleha is aware of the struggles that Mehreen faces in Nani’s home. She also suggested that Aswad and her get married without telling anyone else not to alert Mashal about their plans.

The conversation between Mehreen and Mashal was probably one of the most interesting ones so far. When she let her know how she rolls, it became clear that this time around, there would be no taking Aswad away from her – which Mahira Khan also picked up on with excellent acting skills to boot!

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Although she knew all the things her relatives would say after their Nikkah, Mehreen still wanted to marry. But Aswad had become very unruly and did not care about how this made Mehreen feel so much negativity from others because it seemed like nothing could please him anymore – even going against every family decision made thus far caused no change; in mood whatsoever!

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