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Hum Kaha ke Sachy The Episode 9 Review – Heart Breaking

The episode was a tragic and heartbreaking ride. It had me on the edge of my seat by every twist, turn, or revelation that came up until Mashal’s death at the end – but it also earned an “A” for effort from this impatient viewer who wanted answers NOW!

The director deserves full credit for weaving these scenarios so masterfully done, even though we all knew she wasn’t going to survive anyways, thanks to those pesky book readers giving away spoilers beforehand.

They were all waiting to find out what would happen next. If Mashal was going to kill herself or if it was Mehreen who took away her life, but no one knew for sure until the end credits rolled!

The Calamity

This entire episode beautifully showed how every one of them contributed to Mashal’s tragic ending. Shagufta has also played her part, but, unfortunately, she will never come to realize what undue comparisons put so much burden on her or just how much pain she was feeling at the time.

I am glad they showed both Saleha & Aswad feeling guilty, too, because no matter what she says or how she tries to reason, it is clear that the young woman was under their control for a period in time.

The feelings of guilt will not go away anytime soon from Aswad, but at least now we know why Mashal felt so miserable after talking with her final conversation with him -the harsh words exchanged between them were very much reality even if neither party admitted any wrongdoing.

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In this episode, they also clarified the day when Aswad heard things Mashal & Shagufta said about Saleha. It does put things into perspective as to why she wasn’t in their favor- after that incident, he knew exactly where she stood with him and his marriage plans for her but just because of one big misunderstanding doesn’t mean you can mistreat someone!

What a touching episode of the show! I loved how Mehreen and Nani’s relationship was depicted in it. Although she never liked her, it didn’t stop her from being considerate towards herself.

Even after all that has been done to her, it’s no surprise that Mehreen is still subject to the same old treatment from these people. Bitterness in their voices when they speak of Mashal and what happened that night shows how much everyone hated her.

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