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Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Drama Cast Name, Story, OST, Timing

One of the most awaited dramas by Hum TV, ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay,’ aired on 1 August 2021. This drama is written by Umera Ahmad and directed by Farooq Rind with production from Nina Kashif & Momina Duraid Productions!

Drama Cast

The star-studded drama is set in the glamorous world of music and movie production. Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan Usman Mukhtar Haroon Shahid, and many other acclaimed actors like Omair Rana, Huma Nawab, Zainab Qayyum, Shamim Hilali, Laila Wasti, and Ali Tahir, who are playing supporting roles for this show which has premiered on Hum TV!

The buzz created by the announcement of this project soon became a media frenzy as Mahira Khan signed on to appear in an upcoming television show after five years. Fans of Usman Mukhtar were disappointed that he did not have much airtime on Sabaat, but they will no doubt be pleased with what’s coming up for him. On the other hand, Kubra Khan was set to hit the screens with another blockbuster drama after ‘Alif.’


The story of “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay” is based on Umera Ahmad’s novel. The film revolves around three cousins named Mahreen (Mahira Khan), Mashaal(Kubra Khan), and Aswad(Usman Mukhtar).

They are a wealthy family from Kuwait who visits Pakistan once a year. Aswad lives there, and he tells us about their childhood memories at the beginning of this story, where they were 10-14 years old.

Mashaal is his maternal uncle’s daughter, while younger sister Mahreen belongs to an aunt on her mother’s side – she visits them most often whenever possible because they come from different families that don’t get along well with each other very much at all.

The storyline shows that Mehreen is a sensitive and intelligent girl who is ideally raised by Laila Wasti(her mother, Rabia). Zainab Qayyum, the mother of Mashal, constantly compares her with Mahreen. This inferiority complex made Mashal jealous and avaricious of Mahreen, while Aswad has a natural affection towards Mehreen. He is lovely.

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Many stories in the world show how a simple event can alter someone’s life forever. In “A Simple Event,” Mahreen’s father, Mansoor, played by Omair Rana, fell prey to drugs and subsequent speculation charges, which left his family without any money for their livelihood or even food on the table at home anymore! When Rabia decides she wants to go with her daughter from this broken household, so they don’t have to starve every day – things take an encountered turn when Mansor commits suicide out of shame after being accused publicly via TV talk shows about these scandalous deeds he committed while addicted…

Adult Mahreen continues to suffer as her mother remarries, and she lives a grueling life in Mashaal’s home. Adult Mashaal, who had grown up with resentment for nearly all of it, is becoming even more pessimistic because he feels like nothing but spiteful towards everyone around her.

Performance of actors

The first scene of this drama is quite intriguing and sets the base for a fantastic story. The performances by all actors are phenomenal, with even child stars doing their job well. One particular scene between Mansoor (Omair Rana) and Rabia where he begs her not to leave him shows how great these two can act when they put effort into it; watching them makes you feel like there’s no other way best than this.

The audience could not help but shed tears at the end of Mansoor and Mahreen’s scene. It was deeply poignant, emotionally wrenching, and it touched them on a personal level.

The drama progresses through many other touching moments like these as well, which show off what can happen when love prevails over sacrifice; how much we should cherish our families no matter if there is a conflict between us or someone else who doesn’t care about hurting those they’re supposed to love!

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Mahira Khan’s character in this drama is different from any of her previous television characters. She convincingly plays the role of an asthmatic, good-hearted yet emotionally disturbed girl who has had life calamities imparted shades of bitterness on her through torture at the hands of someone close to her or herself, which gives her performance more depth than any other role.

Kubra Khan’s character in the first episode is introduced to us with an air of mystery and power. Usman Mukhtar appears on the screen briefly but leaves his mark long before he exits it for good.

This new drama “Hum Kaha K Sachy The” will keep viewers guessing until its end!

Well Directed

Director Farooq Rind has many successful films to his name, including Baaghi and Pyar Ke Sadqay. His television series Ishq Zahe Naseeb also boasts impressive directing skills that will not disappoint anyone who watches the drama! The cinematography in this show is exceptional, with wide-angle shots capturing viewers’ attention from the start until the end.

The last scene where Mansoor says “I love you” to his daughter for the last time is beautifully executed and highly gripping. The slow-motion scenes, with impactful camera angles that sync together perfectly in perfect timing, these all make this moment both powerful and emotional. Also, Mehreen’s expressions are captured perfectly during the bus scene (notably paralleled by how sadistically happy Khan looked afterward).

The story of this drama is a love triangle between cousins, but it hints at an unconventional succeeding event that will trap the protagonist in an intricate web. Nonetheless, with stellar cast performances and superb direction, they should bring some high ratings for their show!

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