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Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 1 Review

The cast includes Haroon Shahid (Hum TV’s Face Of Cas), Zainab Qyoom, Huma Nawab Laila Wasti. Produced by MD productions & Nina Kashif and directed by Farooq Rind.Hum Kahan ke Sachay Thay is a new drama serial written by Umera Ahmed. The show features Mahira Khan, Usman Mukhtar, and more!

The first episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay established the equations that all main characters share. The most common theme in this story is how their lives have been intertwined and involve three cousins: Mehreen, Mashal & Aswad. Many slow-mo’s gave off a dreamlike feel and loud background music, but it also ended on an exciting note, making me excited for next week’s episode!

Facial Similarities

One of my favorite parts about this video is how the characters were designed with attention to detail. It was so evident in every scene when they cast kids to play young adults or parents because it felt like there were similarities between their features, and that’s why everyone looked related – even though one character did have a different ethnicity from ours!

Also, once you get past time-lapse scenes where Shamim Hilali appears after being away, her look aged beautifully, making me realize just how quickly people change over these years, especially since she has children. The credit goes to actors, makeup artists, and stylists who make sure that everything must be perfect.

Main Theme

The theme that was established in this entire episode is how children’s environments and surroundings affect them. I loved the idea of being normalized, which turns into something more damaging than what we think initially–as seen with Mashal’s story when she thought everything about her life was normal until hearing all these behind-the-door conversations from mommy dearest at home.

The show portrayed how people tend to act when things seem normal, but the reality is quite different.

Mansoor got involved in illegal activities and developed alcoholism, leading Mehreen’s parents Rabia (Laila Wasti) & Mansoors’ lives into a new direction that they did not want for themselves or their daughter Mehreen who happened be everyone’s favorite while Shagufta was being nice since, but the reality is different. She continues to compare Mashal and Mehreen.

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This comparison only stemmed from her insecurities and complexes, but instead of addressing it the way, she should have just given words to negative feelings without thinking about consequences. She caused a dent in her child’s self-esteem.

Mashal is a loving daughter whom her parents’ negative thoughts have influenced. She absorbs everything they say without realizing it, from their conversations to what she watches on TV or reads in books!

Aswad is the son of Tahir and Rabia’s sister Saleha. He lives in Kuwait with his family, but it seems that after her husband passed away, they moved back home to Pakistan, and he works as an overseas employee for a company right now.

The equation between characters.

The first episode established the equation between all of these characters. However, I will say that for a grandmother (Shamim Hilali) to say “bhar mai jaye Mehreen”sounded a little unrealistic because no matter what happens, people are always more concerned; about their daughter’s kids than anyone else! Even if this family had high regard towards everyone, they were shown as loving and caring – so I found it problematic & unrealistic how they would treat one child differently just like that.

The relationship between Mashal and Mehreen is a complicated one. It’s not uncommon for the two of them to be at odds with each other, but what makes their interactions interesting are all of those minor signs that point out how much they care about one another (even if neither will admit it).

I feel sorry for Mashal because she probably wouldn’t have turned into such an unhappy person without her mother doing what she did when young; then again, there would’ve been no chance whatsoever in forgiving herself either way! Despite everything, life dealt out–including losing both parents well before adulthood!–their bond remains strong through dreams alone: something only fathers can understand

A Decent Start

I can already see this drama will have its fair share of slow-mo’s with loud music echoing in the background. However, I will say that the OST for Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Tha sounds beautifully composed and sung, so here’s hoping they don’t overuse it as a buzzkill!

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The entire supporting cast gave solid performances & it was only because of them that the first few scenes, which were necessary to hold my attention for most other episodes, ended up engaging. The child artists perfectly fit their characters, with some stand-out work from young Shabo, who brought humor.

The characters in this program were all fascinating, except for Shabo. I wish she wouldn’t be such an issue, but let’s see how her contributions will help tell their story, and maybe it’s understandable because as a child herself, when becoming Shaagufta assistant, there isn’t much more anyone could do. Besides just being themselves nowadays, right? Shamim Hilali was brilliant as always playing both sides against each other brilliantly showing what they think about him – Ali Tahir providing great support by his side, which indicates that these people care for one another even after so long apart while Zainab Qayyum gave us some laughter along the way through filming scenes involving them talking over phone calls from time to time 😉

The way Aswad comes off in the novel is very different than how he acts on screen. Many people have tried to figure out what’s going inside Mashal, but no one knows for sure because of this act that he puts up, which makes me wonder if there’s anything real at all behind it or just a show created by herself. The audience gets more insight into Kubra Khan when her mother talks about her; she has qualities similar to Mahira Khan playing Mehreen – playful around their friend but awkward whenever someone approaches her who reminds them too much.

It’s interesting how the show abruptly changes from a dramatic tone to one of humor. I think it helps Mehreen come off as more authentic because she shows anger, frustration and doesn’t hold anything back when telling others what is on her mind or thoughts about something.”

“The first episode was thoroughly enjoyable despite being inconsistent with its different tones; let see if this continues going forward!”

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