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Ishq e Laa Drama Cast, Writer, Story, OST

The spiritual element of the drama came as a complete surprise since the trailers of this show promised something entirely different. However, it has turned out to be an unexpectedly lovely thing because right from episode one, all your questions about what exactly is happening are answered, and there’s no foreshadowing or hints dropped a long way.

So you can guess ahead on some twists coming up next! The characterizations were also outstanding in comparison, Better than expected, considering how many dramas these days tend not just for cheesy dramatic scenes but also for depth instead. Lastly, execution-wise, everything was spot on, making watching fun again even if their messages aren’t sinking deep enough into anyone’s mind (yet?).

Characters and storyline

The opening scenes of Ishq e Laa were refreshingly different and immediately changed the mindset with which I tuned into this drama. Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi, Seemi Raheel stood out in these two episodes more than any other actor! Azaan Sami Khan is a phenomenal musician.

Azlan’s skills on guitar have been shown clearly throughout both clips so far, as well as an outstanding voice actress – something we haven’t seen much from his acting career yet .in. In this drama, His deeper aspects, like toxic behavior, don’t come across right away. Still, there are hints here given how shallowness can make someone act differently towards others… So let us wait before judging him entirely.

The opening episode of Ishq e Laa does a brilliant job in defining and Adding instant meaning to the term ‘ISHQ,’ which is, at its core, about love. The script used beautiful language that deepens one’s understanding of what type of story we can expect here: powerful romance or conflict between two people from very different social classes?

Fulfills us with hope by highlighting Shanaya (Sajal Aly) and Azlan’s affluent backgrounds while showing their differences too — personality-wise as well ambitiously; I’m excited about this drama!

Shanaya is one of the few female leads I’ve seen in dramas who stands firm, even without weapons. Though she’s compassionate and clearly loves Azlan – which comes through often enough during their conversations together- Shanaya still maintains some rigid principles to keep herself safe from him or anyone else like his dad (I won’t spoil anything here). This means there wasn’t much coordination between them; however, once things got interesting with all this mystery surrounding characters, it will be a blockbuster.

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Shanaya and Azlan’s scenes in the second episode right from the start showed that while Azlan also wanted to spend more time with Shayana, his priorities were completely different than hers. He was always there for Shanaya. They had a special bond unlike any other friend- not just because she is a best female friend. Still, it felt like much more than ‘just being buddies’ as he cared deeply about her happiness which made me love him even though I knew how bad things would eventually get between them if something didn’t change soon enough or maybe ever at all really.

Shanaya was totally unaware of the latest accomplishment of Azlan until they met. Also, she had to call her mother to inquire about his arrival.

Shanaya is an iconic character with a solid spiritual side; she volunteers and supports the needy. There has been no reason not to fall in love instantly at first sight of this beautiful depiction by Sajal Aly. she owns every single role that she plays. How perfect they looked during these episodes while also having some stylish I can’t help but feel like there are some missed opportunities with Azlan.

He always seems to be looking down on everyone, and his conversations with Shanaya were no exception, even though she has an entirely different approach than what he does in terms of values. One thing I couldn’t understand was how someone so Differently Attracted To Life had attracted such an uninteresting partner as himself?

Azka comes from a completely different background, but she has the same strong personality as Shanaya. I felt like they were meant to be together, and their differences made for interesting chemistry on screen, so it’s no wonder that many people want them paired up!

 These two episodes were focused on the relationships between mothers and daughters. There was a lot to like in this aspect, as it is always refreshing to see supportive parents who put forth an honest effort into raising their children well despite not having all of those skills themselves! One such relationship that really stood out for me was Azlan’s with his mother; I could tell she tried her best, but sometimes things just don’t work out as planned (unfortunately).

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Uzma Hassan is playing the deadly bhabhi in this new play. Adnan Samad Khan has an altogether different character than the one he played on Ehd-e Wafa.

However, it’s still interesting to see how Azka and her mother interact with each other and their daughter’s personality change throughout. Both episodes of this track so far! And if you’re curious about what will happen at that first meeting between all three—Keep yourself tuned for more updates soon enough 🙂

In tonight’s episode, the writer portrayed what freedom meant for all three of these characters was very interesting. For Azlan, it means no strings attached, and he can grow his business while achieving success in life; this is something he really desired but never had before until now! In contrast, there’s Azka, who enjoys not having any limitations/ judgment from people around her because they respect her entirely as an individual. Also, they don’t judge her with outward appearances which have helped build self-esteem over time to benefit others.


Ishq e Laa is definitely off to an exciting start. These two episodes were written with utmost clarity. The director managed to make them visually appealing without compromising on authenticity in a way that will keep you hooked from the beginning until the end!

There are so many layers of the story being told at once. Still, it’s easy enough for me because all these characters have been pulled into my heart by their captivating portrayal by actors’ performances alone. I also love Laila Wasti in her every play.

Have you seen the latest seasons of Ishq e Laa? What do you think about them? I would love your feedback.

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  1. Through challenging conversations, this drama engages the audience while also effectively incorporating the theme of infinite love and surrender to Allah. Ishq e Laa continues to emphasize the amazing bond between a mother and her daughter.

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