Komal Meer Biography, Age, Height, Facts & More

Komal Meer is a rising star in the Pakistan showbiz industry. She became more popular after performing on Ehd-e-Wafa and Log Kia Kahengy. She played the younger sister of Ahad Raza Mir’s character – becoming one of many viewers’ favorites from her first appearance!.

She also won the Ms. Veet Pakistan. In addition to these roles, it’s worth noting that Ms meer stars as herself; having started at only age 19, has quickly captured everyone else attention too with charm personified balanced by innocence, making this girl hard not to fall for any scheme being put before them (lémme tell you: there will always be another one).

For all fans of Komal Sajid Meer, we have her complete Biography and interesting facts about her. So let’s dig in to know more about her.

Komal Meer Biography

Komal is a young and beautiful model. Her delicate facial features are captivating, while her youthful charisma keeps everyone’s attention focused on them for long periods.

Komal has been doing photoshoots recently, which have resulted in many new followers online; one such shoot can be seen through Instagram, where people praise how stunningly gorgeous she looks!

Even though this may sound like a familiar enough story for most models–casting directors found it so impressive that they used Qurbatain as their star actress before any other roles were offered to her or screen-tested with producers.

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Komal Meer Weight 45 Kg
Komal Meer Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

Komal Meer Age

Komal Sajid was born on May 3rd, 1998, in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her hometown is the capital city of Pakistan – but now she lives with her family near Karachi, where they are helping to support Komal’s dream as well!

Kumail encouraged his daughter’s love of modeling and helped cultivate it into something much more than he could have ever hoped for: A successful acting career that takes them far away from home while keeping in touch through Skype and phone calls as needed.


Komal Meer has always been interested in media. Her love for the arts led to participating in Roots’ Ivy Olympiad during school days and then getting eliminated from reality show but still receiving a wildcard entry after all this time!

However, instead of taking advantage of having another chance at success like last time around (when she didn’t use these odds), Komal focused on studying hard so as not only to become a professionally qualified lawyer someday soon.

Komal Meer Dramas

Komal started her acting career in the drama Log Kia khaenge. Her most recent work includes a lead role on Wafa-Be-Mol alongside Ali Abbas and is performing admirably well with this prestigious opportunity at hand!

She also made appearances last year as Ahad Raza Mir’s younger sister in Ehd-e wove, Resham Galli ki husna, which was comedy -dramatic series, but now she has retaken part in another type of scene; Yarr Nah bichry its hit too, so keep looking out for more updates coming soon.

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Komal Meer Dramas List

  • Wafa-Be-Mol
  • Qurbatian
  • Ehd-e-Wafa
  • Resham Gali Ki Husna
  • Log Kia Kehenge

Komal Meer Husband/Boyfriend

Komal Meer is a charming actress with an elusive private life. She’s never been seen talking to anyone in the public eye, and she doesn’t appear on social media at all!

Fans are eager to find out if Komal is dating anyone or if any relationship rumors are circulating. Despite this, she hasn’t spoken to anyone about potential love interests.

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