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Pakistani Celebrities Who Passed Away in 2021

Pakistan has always been a country with a vibrant culture, and it is no surprise that celebrities are constantly emerging from this diverse nation. Unfortunately, these bright stars have not been able to shine for long because many passed away in 2021. Pakistani celebrities who passed away in 2021 are a sad reminder of the fragile nature of life.

Every death is a significant loss, but it is miserable that those who have been around for so long are no longer amongst us. These wonderful and unique people left a void in the hearts of their fans and followers forever.

These celebrities were outstanding individuals who had made a prominent place in the h hearts of many people. We have looked at some Pakistani celebrities who died that year and the reasons for their death.

Haseena Moin

The Pakistani drama industry is mourning the loss of an icon. Haseena Moin, a well-known playwright and director for television shows and films, passed away at 79 years old after fighting cancer for some time. The news came as quite a shock to many people in this world who grew up watching her work on TV or stage productions during their school days because she was so talented that it seemed like she would live forever!

Kanwal Naseer

Kanwal Naseer, the first Pakistani news presenter who started working at seven years old on Pakistan’s public radio, was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her impressive services. She passed away in March 2021 and will never be forgotten as she is still remembered by all those connected to the entertainment industry.

Talat Siddiqui

Talat Siddiqui, one of the most beloved actresses and singers in Pakistan’s history, passed away at 82. Her niece Fariha Parvez confirmed her death on May 15th this year. Talat was best known for being a talented actress who could play multiple roles from mother to daughter despite only having her children once. Many also remember her as an incredibly gifted singer with excellent vocals that she frequently used both in film scores and public performances like the World Performing Arts Festival, where she won three gold medals consecutively between 1968-1973.

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Sumbul Shahid

Sumbul Shahid was famous in the country for her remarkable career and because she was away from work. She had worked on many dramas over nearly a decade and hosted several shows while being one of those stars with celebrity sisters. Her performance this year as Nand’s mother made everyone fall in love with her again; however, that honor wouldn’t last long after Sumbul lost everything when contracting COVID early 2019–she even died suddenly by mid-year due to complications caused by the virus without getting better care abroad or sufficient rest at home.

Farhad Humayun

Farhad was creative and believed in thinking outside the box. He was an actor, drummer, producer, and video artist, to name a few roles he played during his lifetime. Farhad founded Overload and owned Riot Productions – an entertainment company that ran many shows and events for art lovers throughout Arizona, where they lived together with their children Jessa (14) & Jackson (10).

However, tragedy struck when Farhad passed away due to brain cancer on June 1st, 2021, at only 42 years old, leaving behind his wife Gwen Clark-Humayun, along with two kids; Jessica, 14 & Jacob, ten, who are both still struggling today following this horrible incident happening which left them all saddened by such unfortunate news about what had.

Anwar Iqbal

Anwar Iqbal Baloch, a well-known TV and film actor, died in Karachi this July after being sick for quite some time. He was 70 years old at the time of his death. In Urdu and Sindhi productions, the veteran actor played many memorable characters, notably Shama’s father on PTV drama Akhri Chatman.

Ahmed Iqbal, brother of Anwar, informed Dawn that he had had diabetes for over 20 years and gastric problems due to his age which ultimately led him downhill health-wise at last giving way to cancer.

Asma Nabeel

An inspiring Pakistani celebrity who worked in various fields, Asma Nabeel will be remembered for her contributions. Her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 35 while battling; breast cancer became a public topic after many celebrities spoke about it openly, including herself that made people realize its prevalence among women today even though there is no cure yet.

Nayab Nadeem

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Pakistani model Nayab Nadeem, most known for her appearance in the hit song “Gaddi Tu Manga De” by singer-songwriter Nadeem Abbas, was murdered on July 10th, 2021. The murder of this promising 20-year old shocked and upset everyone involved with the industry as she had much potential to make it big but never got there due to unfortunate circumstances that led to her death.

Khursheed Shahid

Khursheed Shahid, a veteran actress and an asset to the showbiz industry, has passed away. She was last seen in films and dramas over 30 years ago but will still be remembered by her audience due to how much of an impact she had on them with just one role. Despite not being active for such a long time, 94-year old Khurseed is considered as another loss for Pakistan’s entertainment business because many young actors look up to Salman, who also expressed his grief at the sudden passing of his mother without any warning signs that it would happen today or tomorrow even though he hasn’t been well since some months now.”

Farooq Qaiser

Uncle Sargam, a legend and an exceptionally talented individual, can engage children in politics through his talent. He created Kaliyan, which introduced Uncle Sargam as a fictional puppet character who would help spread awareness about social issues like pollution. His passing away left many extremely sad as this signified that it is the end of an era where someone had such a unique talent like him with no other comparison available today!

Shaukat Ali

Legendary Pakistani folk singer Shaukat Ali died on April 2nd, 2021, after a long battle with liver disease. He also sang in Punjabi films, even winning the National Award for Best Male Playback Singer of Sindh Province in 1972 for his song “O Meri Jaan” from the movie Aadhi Raat (1975). In 1990 he was awarded their highest civilian award – Pride of Performance by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan at an impressive ceremony that saw many dignitaries show up to pay their last respect towards him


These wonderful and amazing individuals left a void in the hearts of their fans and helped shape this industry. They will always be remembered for the hard work and their services to this industry we all love, The Pakistani Entertainment Industry.

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