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In Urdu dramas, Affan Waheed is renowned for portraying romantic and emotional scenes. It would not be wrong to say that this guy has an incredible talent when it comes to performing on-screen; he can act circles around most people with just facial expressions! 


His personality combined with the skillset make him quite attractive as well–the perfect combination if you ask me (in my opinion). 


Recent Dramas


It’s been almost a decade since he got into the industry and he’s still going strong. His recent work includes Pardes with Dur e Fishan Saleem, Yun Tu Hai Pyar Bahut in which Hira Mani starred alongside him for this drama too!

Early life and Education


In Karachi, Pakistan, he was born on 29th September 1984. This famous Pakistani actor and model will be 37 years old in 2021 if his age is listed. He graduated from National College Arts Lahore back when it still mattered- so there would have been a lot going for him academically too.


Family information


Waheed is the third child out of four siblings, who include two sisters and a brother. His father works in Pakistan Air Force where they are stationed all over Pakistan- from Gujranwala to Islamabad or even Sargodha! 


Because their family moved so much during Waheed’s childhood he grew up in different cities like Lahore were finally settled when older (and lived there his whole life). He describes himself as “just an average kid” but also says that if not for art classes at school on Saturdays then none whatsoever would’ve happened till now thanks to these lessons taught by Ms. Ayesha Moon who cared about us students more than anything else

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Famous Dramas


Though, it is the drama serial Do Bol with actress Hira Mani that comes to mind when you think of Affan Waheed’s most successful project. 

Apart from acting and modeling photo shoots for famous Pakistani clothing brands he also maintains an active social media presence where his follower’s number has crossed millions on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Affan Waheed Wife


Affan Waheed got married to Ayesha Jalali in 2016 and his marriage ended due to some personal reasons. He told us that it was the most difficult period of his life when he went through divorce time, but now Affan is not living with anyone again because he has moved on from love


Ayesha and Affan’s wedding was a joyous occasion that left all of their fans teary-eyed. The happy couple showcased this in the viral photos they uploaded to social media, including an Instagram Story with Ayesha’s dad who did not attend but sent his blessings instead!

In addition, close showbusiness friends also attended to make them happiest.


Affan Waheed is a Pakistani model and actor who appears in dramas. What do you think about his acting? If so, why not voice your opinion in this comment section below. 

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