Arfa Karim Biography, Death Reason, Age, Family & Siblings

Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa was the youngest person ever to pass the MCP exam at 9 years old. She is also one of only four people in history to have achieved this feat. Her story has been covered by media outlets around the world, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN. She was one-third of three million candidates worldwide to become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in 2004.

Arfa Karim Personality


Arfa was born in Lahore, Pakistan to military parents. She arrived at her new home Bahawalpur with the family not long after they left for their posting there-Arfa’s dad served as part of his country’s armed forces while mom stayed at home raising children alone.

She has been a curious, enthusiastic, and disciplined child from the age of five. This clearly shows how she was able to write her first poem at such young age due partly in part to listening to music which broadens her horizons as well as reading Sufi poetry (Iqbal &Bulleh Shah).


Arfa Karim Early Life

One day, she went to school and saw a desktop computer. She wanted to explore it so much that her curiosity took over! As per policy at the time in Faisalabad schools, little children weren’t allowed access without an adult present or supervision from someone older than them – but this didn’t stop Arfa’s interest in finding out how things worked inside computers!


Arfa Karim Passion 


Arfa’s father was her go-to person for any luxury items. But when it came to computers, he wasn’t so sure about the expense and suggested an instructor instead of just buying one outright without knowing how computers work. she did not need any instructor at all because, by only the hit and trial method, she learned the basic skills like word processing capabilities that are found on every device nowadays!

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Her thirst for knowledge regarding Computers was quenched when her father took her to a nearby learning center. She was only 8 years old, but she still wanted the MCP certification. The instructor said, “ she can’t learn this as she is only eight”. This ignited the curiosity in her and she got the MCP certificate.


Digicon Valley Dream

When she received her First flight certificate from Dubai, this young pilot amazed the instructor with just three trials and won him over.


2005, Flight Certificate 

She received the First flight certificate from Dubai on 2nd August 2005 after learning to make command on just three trials and the pilot was blown away by her sheer talent hers.


2006, Developer conference in Barcelona

In 2006, She was the only Pakistani national who attended a Developer conference in Barcelona among five thousand other members from various parts of the world.


Arfa Karim Death Reason


After a series of seizures, she left this world on 14th January 2012. Her family was heartbroken to say goodbye and miss out on their little ones who filled everyone’s lives with joy and made such world records. 

She left this world on 14th January 2012, following a Cardiac arrest and epilepsy seizure. Following hospitalization at CMH for two days she passed away in eternity to never return again

While she was in the hospital, Bill gates arranged for an air ambulance so that he could get this little computer expert shifted to America. The treatment received while they were over here in Pakistan was the best.

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Awards and Honours

Her achievements are too many to mention here, but she has won numerous awards including the Pride of Performance Gold Medal Award and Salam Pakistan Youth Award. Furthermore, she was made a brand ambassador by EVO 3G Wireless Broadband for her outstanding performance in 2010.


In loving memory of Arfa Karim Technology Park


Lahore Technology Park has been renamed to honor one of our beautiful parks. The new name? Well, it’s Arfa Software Technology Park after an amazing young child who has done so much for us!


Arfa Karim Biography


Name: Arfa Karim

In Urdu: ارفع کریم

Famous As: World’s youngest Microsoft Certified

Nationality: Pakistan

Residence: Faisalabad

Education: A-level (1st Year)

Religion: Islam

Profession: Microsoft Engineer


Awards: She bagged various awards

Date Of Birth: 2nd February 1995

Place: Faisalabad

Arfa Karim Family Info      


Ethnicity: Randhawa

Spouse: Unmarried

Parents: Amjad Abdul Karim Randhawa and Samina Amjad

Death Date: 14th January 2012

Rest Place: Chak No. 4JB Ram Dewali, Faisalabad


We are very proud of our little Arfa Karim. Her achievements are incredible for such a young girl. She is the pride of Pakistan. Let me know in the comment section below, which of Arfa Karim’s achievements you are proud of? 



Q.1. What was Arfa Karim Death Reason?


She got a Cardiac arrest and epilepsy seizure.


Q.2. What was Arfa Karim Age?


She lived only 16 years of her age and died on 14 January 2012.

Q.3. The number of Arfa Karim Siblings?


They are still not known.


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