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Bilal Abbas Khan is a versatile actor from Pakistan who has established himself in the entertainment industry within two years of working. He always felt destined to perform, and this feeling led him down an exciting path as well; joining some hit drama serials that have been running makes up for every single role played by Bilal only one year after his previous project ended!

He is a man who can play any role with utmost precision. He’s been in shows that span from lighthearted romantic comedies, action-packed movies, and even crime dramas, but one thing remains true – Bilal never repeats roles! In fact, he finds challenges enjoyable since it allows him to show us more than just his handsome face or talented hands; every new project allows fresh ideas on how they should be portrayed.

But don’t take my word alone as gospel because there was this interview where he shared about making a conscious effort not to repeat himself by experimenting through different types of characters (and we know what type these can be!).

Bilal Abbas Khan is an actor who has been breaking into the industry with his versatile acting skills. Some of these roles include playing both serious and comedic ones. He never wants to be stereotyped in any one type or genre because that would limit him from exploring other possibilities for future work! Bilal also loves interacting more than anyone else on screen, which helps keep things grounded even when everything goes right on set…

He has been nominated for the Lux Style Awards twice and features in listings of most famous personalities.

Bilal Abbas Body Measurements:

Waist Size: 30 inches

Shoe Size: 12 US

Dress Size: 8 US

Chest Size: 40 inches

Bilal Abbas Height, Weight, Color & Size:

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight: 73 Kg (As of 2020)


Bilal Abbas Age

Bilal Abbas was born on 4th June 1992 in Karachi. He is 27 years old and has been a part of the showbiz industry since he was 24 when he began posting pictures with his family members at birthday parties for fans to see!

Bilal’s posts are few, but they’re always happy ones – which makes them all that much more exciting to follow (and admire).

Bilal Abbas Family

Bilal Abbas is the middle child in his family. His older brothers are 10 years older than he is and his younger brother is 10 years younger than he is. He has a sister born when Bilal was already 18, so they don’t have much in common. But they’re still close friends because they live together now instead of their parents living separately from their kids again (like before).

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He has been an introvert ever since he was a child. Although his love for performing never wavered, there were times when the spotlight felt too hot and isolating – as if everyone in attendance cared more about what they could see than how much joy it brought him to share these moments with them on stage.


Bilal Abbas Sister


Bilal Abbas has an older sister, Sana Tauseef. She runs her own business and collects jewelry designs from Pret & Fashion Jewelry Collection! Bilal also enjoys following Kabeer Tauseef Ali on Instagram for updates about him in the showbusiness world as he grows up too! 

His glamorous sibling wants to pursue writing someday soon – when she finds time after being a lawyer by day/charming actress at night (and weekends).

On her social media pages, he often shares her love for Sana. She is really close to him, apart from his mother.


Khan made his acting debut in 2016 with a supporting role on Hum TV’s religious drama Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi, alongside an ensemble cast of Naveen Waqar, Ahsan Khan, and Emmad Irfani. His character is a spoiled brat who hates himself for being abandoned by all those he loves. The way bilal portrays these emotions is so raw yet still believable at the same time.” 

Khan received praise overplaying betrayed man whose love interest married against him after being promised otherwise (played out beautifully). He next starred opposite Sami Khan once again, where they played brothers. His next appearance was playing a murdered victim in courtroom drama Saanp Seerhi.

The series was based on the same name, written by Umera Ahmed, and starred Samina Peerzada, who played his mother. His breakout role came with the romantic comedy-drama O Rangreza(2017). He portrayed an introvert raised by strict uncle Noman Ijaz, falling in love with Sajal Aly’s character (Noman’s daughter). Mahwash Ajam wrote that Khan “portrayed” without being repetitive,” having mastered craft.”

Bilal is an actor from Pakistan who has received international recognition. His roles had earned him more awards and nominations, including the ARY Media Awards for Best Actor in Balaa (2018) when it aired on ATV Network with Ushna Shah playing Bilal’s wife turned antagonist to her husband’s protagonist role. Daily Times called him “the master performer of this age.” At the same time, they labeled his performances as excellent throughout all parts of his work because there will always be something new that makes them stand out among other actors today.


The 2019 crime drama Cheekh was one of the most successful and acclaimed dramas this year. His role as an antagonist opposite Saba Qamar from Pakistan has been well received by critics and is liked by audiences earning him a leading actor on TV screens nationwide! Daily Times called out how scary Khan plays cold-blooded murderer. At the same time, Mangobaaz referred to them both as modern-day masterpieces at the annual Lux Style Awards, including another nomination for Best Television Actor Award.

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Khan began 2020 with a “dumb” but Mathematics genius in Pyar Ke Sadqay, opposite Yumna Zaidi. The series and his performance were widely praised by the public throughout Pakistan, who said that they have raised “the bar high” for him after this appearance, according to a Nation News agency report. His next TV Show Aik Jhooti Love Story, co-starring Madisha Imam, saw Khan playing an online hardware technician who unknowingly romances her neighbor through a fake persona on Facebook until things get complicated between them when he starts falling hard.

The web series, penned by Umera Ahmed, was streamed on the Indian video on request service, called Zee5. Bilal’s acting prowess was overwhelming. 

His every performance has been met with critical acclaim, as critics have taken notice of his brilliance in recent years and given him glowing reviews for performances such as Aik Jhooti Love Story, where he showcased authenticity that won over audiences right from its premiere in Dubai International Film Festival last year on behalf Eastern Eye Magazine which ranked Bilal 28th among their top 50 Asian celebrities alongside four other Pakistani personalities.

The list goes on- but what really matters here is how much pride this award instilled not just within himself or those around him who knew these successes came by sheer hard work; instead of taking time away from filming new episodes.


Bilal Abbas Khan has been a rising star in the industry and was labeled one of Pakistan’s “fastest-rising” actors by Vanity Fair magazine. In 2020, he starred alongside Sana Javed. She plays his hotheaded love interest on-screen for the Dunk series, where they had some great moments together playing very realistic characters yet soft at heart, like Haider (the protagonist). It is the real story of a family in Sargodha.

A controversy was created when its producer claimed that many men are falsely accused of sexual harassment. Based on this real-life story and with some controversial statements about the issue at hand – Dunk became entangled into another social media debate that continues today. Islamabad-based artist Muna Moini found her series “a multi- layered drama full of powerful performances” while the Eastern eye listed him among their “30 under 30 Global Asian Stars”. As Khel Khel Mein approaches completion, we will have confirmed whether or not these claims were accurate. In this, he has the lead with Sajal Ali, directed by Nabeel Qureshi.

Bilal Abbas Drama List

1. Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahin

2. Dumpukht

3. Saanp Seerhi

4. Rasm-e-Duniya

5. Qurban

6. Baykhudi

7. O Rungreza

8. Balaa

9. Cheekh

10. Laal


Bilal Abbas movies list

1. Thora Jee Lay

2.     Khel Khel Main

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