Biography of Ahmed Ali Butt’s Wife Fatima Khan

Ahmad Ali Butt is a well-known actor and singer in Pakistan. He started his showbiz career with music, later proving himself as an excellent comedian to date! 

Ahmad belongs to the Punjabi Kashmiri family, which gave him beauty on screen and a talent for acting; his grandmother, Noor Jahan, made sure that every performance must be excellent from her grandson too (including those at weddings). 

Fatima Khan, the gorgeous wife of Ahmad Ali Butt became his brand ambassador at a time when it was most unconventional. She married this famous personality after five years of courtship–Read about Fatima’s full biography and interesting facts about their personal life together!

Ahmad Ali Butt Wife Biography


Fatima Khan is Ahmad Ali Butt’s wife. Born on November 3rd, 1985 in Karachi, Pakistan. Ahmad and Fatima met while Ahmad was filming the serial “Daldal” for ARY Digital TV. Ahmad asked his director to introduce him to this beautiful girl that he saw on set every day. 


Ahmad and Fatima were both in love at first sight, so they got married soon after meeting each other! The three children that were born from their marriage are a blessing to them. 


Ahmad has a very busy schedule when it comes to working in the entertainment industry, but he makes sure that he spends as much time as possible with his family. Ahmad Ali Butt is one of Pakistan’s most well-known actors!


Profession of  Ahmad Ali Butt’s wife, Fatima Khan

Ahmad Ali Butt’s wife, Fatima Khan was once a model before she started her career in fashion journalism. She has also ventured into blogging with exciting content that people enjoy reading on sites like Tumblr or Instagram – many of which have been uploaded onto YouTube for viewing pleasure! 

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Her witty personality quirks will make you laugh out loud at times while being just plain old entertained the rest because what good are adventures without someone who can keep up?

In 2007 Ahmad met his future spouse when they both appeared in an episode of Kala Shayadi Gumbad where he acted alongside hers; it’s clear this lovebird knew precisely how lucky.


Social Media Handles


Fatima Khan Instagram: fatima_khanpk

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