DR. Madiha khan Biography, Age, Height, Body stats, Boyfriend, Husband, Career


DR. Madiha khan Biography


Do you want to know about Dr. Madiha Khan Age?

 If yes, then this article is for you. In this topic, we will share with you some of the features of her life. Dr.Madiha Khan Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Birthday, Net Worth, Family, Sister Name & Brother name and more information are given below, so you can understand it easily.

Dr. Madiha Khan is a Pakistani famous tiktok star, social media influencer and model who got fame through lip – syncing app ” TikTok” . She has 2M followers on her account TikTok as well 1M Instagram following for those interested in seeing more of this beautiful woman!. 

Dr. Madiha khan started running YouTube channel with 166k subscribers which offers the best enjoyable videos.

Dr.Madiha khan Height, Weight & Body Stats 

Eye Color: Dark Black

Chest size: 36 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Hip size: 36 inches

Bra Size: 36 B Bra

Weight: 51 kg/ 160.254 lbs

Height: 5 ft 8/1.35m

Body Type:  Slender/slim

Hair color: Brown/Highlighted Brown

Skin color: Fair

Shoe size: 9

Dr. Madiha Khan Age

Dr.Madiha Khan was born in 1995, and she will be 27 years old by 2021! Dr Madiha’s height is 5’4″ – not too short or tall for a woman from Punjab. Her weight? 49kgs and her hair color has always been black with some natural highlights along the strands due to spending most days outside working under harsh sunlight.

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Dr. Madiha Khan Profession

She’s a doctor by profession and well-known as Dr.Madiha Khan on TikTok for making videos about social issues as well as comedy videos. Her videos are always enjoyable. Most of her viral videos are with her husband Mj. Ahsan.


Dr. Madiha khan Education and Qualification

She got her education truly from local school and college.

School: Girls School

College: Girls College

University: Girls University


Dr. Madiha Khan Family /Husband/Boyfriend

Her family was very proud of her from the beginning. Dr Madiha Khan husband name, is Mj. Ahsan and he recently married this gorgeous girl! Dr madiha khan and mj ahsan makes a beautiful couple together. They are a couple made in heaven. Here are some of their pics

DR. Madiha khan Biography
DR. Madiha khan Age
DR. Madiha khan Husband

Dr. Madiha Khan Hobbies

Dr.Madiha Khan loves traveling and making videos on Instagram to share her experiences with others, but there is one thing about travelling that she always says—travelling allows you to erase all the problems they are super recreational.


Facts about DR. Madiha Khan

• Dr. Madiha Khan is a Tik Toker and Instagram influencer who has over 920K followers on Instagram!

• She is following only 249 people on Instagram.

• Dr.Madiha Khan is the go-to for stylish images on Instagram!

• She loves all types of pets. She is truly a pet lover.


Dr. Madiha Khan Net Worth

Dr.Madiha Khan’s net worth is 53- 54 Lakhs approx.


Social Media Handles






Is Dr. Madiha Khan Married?

Yes, dr madiha khan and mj ahsan recently got married. Their wedding pictures got viral instantly. Both are famous Tiktokers and Instagram Influencers. Dr. Madiha Khan has 1M and 3M followers on Instagram and Tik Tok respectively, While Mj. Ahsan has 550K and 2.6M  followers on Instagram and Tik Tok respectively.

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What is Dr. Madiha Khan Husband Name?

Dr. Madiha Khan Husband name is Mj Ahsan , who is also a Tik Toker.

What is profession of Dr. Madiha Khan?

She is a General Physician in Karachi. 

Is Dr. Madiha Khan a MBBS/BDS doctor?

No, she is not an MBBS doctor. She is just a general Physician.

What is name of Dr. Madiha Khan Hospital?

Currently, her hospital name is not known, but she is a physician in Karachi.

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b) She’s a great person and makes perfect TikToks

c) I think she is a fraud

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