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Captivating and handsome actor Faraz Inam is a shining star in the Pakistani drama industry. With his 2 characters as Captain, he has been ruling people’s hearts since very long time and in 2019, he again captured the millions of hearts in Ehd-e- Wafa when everyone was surprised by this comeback from Dubai.

Learn all about him including information such as Biography, Family & Dramas with this article.

Faraz Inam Biography

NameFaraz Inam
Famous AsArmy Actor
Debut DramaSunehre Din
Height6 ft -1 inch
Date of Birth9th October 1970

Faraz Inam Family Information

WifeMariam Inam
Kids1 daughter 1 son
Family BckgroundHis father was fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force (PAF)
Family members3 sisters
Net WorthApproximately 100k US$

Favorites of Faraz Inam 

Food: Rice with gravy

Favorite Color: White/pastels

Faraz Inam background

With his unforgettable acting skills, Faraz is one of those names from the Showbiz Industry that will never go unnoticed. He has played two characters to make everyone a fan with just how elegant and charismatic he seems in every scene.

A 22 years old man who has never thought of joining Showbiz, but made up for it with his masterpieces in the form of ‘Sunehre Din’ and Alpha Bravo Charle. He fulfilled his childhood dream of joining PAF by playing such characters on PAF television series.

Faraz Inam Age

He was born on 9th October 1970 in Rawalpindi. Growing up, he spent his youth moving between Abu Dhabi and Karachi due to the job that his father had with Pakistan Air Force (PAF). He currently lives in Dubai with his family, however they visit back home once a year.

Faraz Inam Biography

Faraz Inam Education

Being the eldest child, he had to be sensible since childhood. He did his schooling from different cities of the world and finally graduated with a degree in 1986 at Pakistani School in Abu Dhabi

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When he was young, his dream was to become an engineer in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Unfortunately for him however; this goal could not come true because of some vision problems and so instead Faraz went on pursuing other interests like he did in 1991 later completing two MBAs from different universities( Punjab University &LUMS). He didn’t ever thought of working in bank, but he got a job there. 

Faraz Inam Family

He was born into the house of fighter pilots due to which he became more passionate about Pakistan Air Force. Being an only son and elder brother with 3 younger sisters, his sense for maturity came in handy when it came time deciding what kind of career path should take him next!

In 1998, he married Marium and went to Dubai. The couple is blessed with a daughter and son now!

Faraz Inam Career/debut

He was offered a role in the 1992 drama serial, “Sunehr e din”. Despite being from an extremely conservative family and having to prioritize his studies over acting because of it; he couldn’t say no because of his affection towards PAF.  

After his first role in Alpha Bravo Charlie, Captain Faraz was instantly famous and beloved by everyone. He played another key part this time for life! People still remember him as Captain Faraz because of how much recognition he got with that drama.

After this play, he suddenly disappeared from the limelight and went to Dubai. There he started working in a bank but made everyone impossible to forget about him after his remarkable performance as captain Faraz.

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After 20 years in 2019 he is again back on the small screen with another great role in Ehd-e-wafa and this time it’s a serial of ISPR that people really love to see him.

Faraz Inam Open Up About Why He Done Only One Role Throughout His Acting Career

The artist opened up about his experience in an interview with Spotlight; 

“The reality that I did now no longer keep in Showbiz to play different roles. Then made the individual of Gentleman Cadet Faraz, then Captain Faraz and now Brig. Faraz has caught me for lifestyles. This individual changed into conceived in the sort of manner. That the visitors linked with him, wondering it’s miles for real.”

“The credit score for making me so thrilling is goes to my unique writer who then picked up an unknown man like me with the navy background. But no previous experience on screen, to play the position of Captain Faraz.”

He also admitted that he becomes worried about reviving his individual in Ehd-e Wafa. After all it’s been 21 years since the project was closed and Faraz lauded director Safe Hasan for assisting him with overcoming those jitters.

“I changed into afraid. I won’t be capable of doing justice to this individual who had remained so famous with fellow Pakistanis these kinds of years. But he eased me off and recommended me to stay calm and natural; and the individual of Captain Faraz, now Brig. 

Faraz will own me. What you notice at the screen now’s an end result of the stunning recommendation that the director gave me.”

Faraz Inam Daramas

Sunehre Din

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Ehd e Wafa

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