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Hum Kaha ke Sachy The Episode 12 Review-Convoluted Aswad

As the episode progressed, it became clear that Aswad had been feeling guilty for all of his actions. But at times, it looked, he was just as much a victim in this mess- with nothing but unfortunate circumstances to thank! The twist ending confirmed what we already suspected: there is no way this psycho can handle being on his own anymore!

Aswad’s culpability

I like how Saleha wanted to see Mehreen move on after she rejected Aswad. She never once held back, hoping that he would change his mind, but it is suitable for her not to be so set on repeating the same mistake because of what happened with Mashal and their son suffering too much already.

Saleha was adamant about getting them married when all this trouble started–but now that you know more about both characters’ feelings towards each other (and inner turmoil), maybe things will play out differently than before…?

In Saleha’s words, she is “so settled in this country that I don’t really see myself going anywhere anytime soon.” She accepted his son’s decision, and although he wants to live out his days in America because of a job opportunity.

I love how independent-minded Saleh will always be even after living abroad all these years; refusing Aswad (her partner) requests like moving back to America.

During their meeting, it is clear to see that Mehreen has been keeping a lot from Saffan. She shares none of the vulnerabilities she’s had for herself but instead spends time explaining how Aswad’s family makes hers so tricky and why this marriage should work out well—though I’m sure they both have a reason not to! From what little we know about Saleha or even just her thoughts on life – there shouldn’t be any potential partnership between them anyway, given everything happening at home.

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Even Saffan could notice that Mehreen was not mentally and emotionally present there, but he was well aware of her condition, so he chose to accept it. It is genuinely refreshing to see a character like Saffan in general – even when his opponent Aswad shines just as bright!

I am not a fan of the fact that Aswad has nothing more to him. Before his death, Mashal was clouding judgment, and now it is this police officer decided to fill in for him? I don’t know why we were shown such softness with Mehreen when he shares so many similarities; one would think they’re both evil masterminds!

In my eyes, credit goes to the director as well because he has done a commendable job in still not giving away all of Mashal’s secrets. The scenes with Shabo seeing his memories from before are very intriguing and will make you wonder if these expressions came out how Mehreen would have acted, but at least for now, they seem like an interpretation by Shabo herself(maybe). Let’s wait and watch the next episode.

Aswad( The so-called hero) precisely does what he did with Mashal, blaming her for falling in love with him. Similarly, now that his guilt has driven him to take control of the situation and force Mehreen into marriage instead of being firm about it like before; As watching this princess crumble under pressure was not an easy task, but I think they pulled off their performance well enough without too much help from mehreen’s side so props there.

This episode ended on a rather exciting note. It was pretty unpredictable, but it goes to show how vile Aswad has become that he would do anything for the sake of depriving Mehreen of what little peace she’s been able to find since these lies started coming up about their relationship. His actions have made him more determined than ever before – now it seems as if there is something worth fighting over after all.

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The dynamic between these two characters is fascinating. For many years, Aswad has served as a way to escape Mehreen’s realities, but now that he may deserve better than what she can offer him, the tables have turned on their relationship, and it will be interesting to see how things play out next week!

Outstanding performances

I found this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay to be quite interesting. However, I am looking forward to the next story, hoping that it will move on from these painful flashbacks Mashal has experienced thus far in her life. Mahira Khan’s performance as Mehreen always impresses me; she manages to keep getting better every time! Though sadly, Saffan’s character is finally going away after helping out during some chaos before he does, Mahira makes sure their goodbye moment won’t disappoint anyone who watches them both go separate ways.

The way Aswad is written has always been a mystery. Emotionally, he’s involved with Mashal but cold-hearted and plotting her downfall by gifting the cup that she loved so much only to break it once again shows us how deep his feelings ran for this girl while we must wait what will come next in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay episode 13.

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