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Pakistani Actors Who Use The Whitening Injection

The Pakistani actors use whitening skin injection to lighten their complexions and look more beautiful. They often receive whitening injections to achieve their pearly white skin. In the past few years, many Pakistani celebrities have been using whitening skin treatment to lighten their complexion and look more beautiful. 

There is a whole industry that specializes in giving actresses pearly white skin by injecting them with chemicals or applying topical treatments to lighten their complexions. 

These products not only remove wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation marks, but also improve the texture of your skin. In the article, 11 Pakistani actors discuss how they whiten their skin by getting white injections or whitening treatments.

The Pakistani stars who have admitted to using a whitening injection are: Hamza Ali Abbasi, Shehzad Roy, Mawra Hocane and more. Many Pakistanis just love watching Pakistani dramas on TV so they can see their favorite Pakistani actors perform. This is one of many reasons why Pakistani actors tend to use Pakistan skin whitening injections.

List of Pakistani Actors Who Use The Whitening Injection

  • Ayesha Khan
  • Ayeza Khan
  • Sunita Marshall
  • Mehwish Hayat
  • Sanam Baloch
  • Humaima Malik
  • Amna Ilyas
  • Nida Yasir
  • Saba Qamar
  • Fahad Mustafa
  • Sanam Saeed
  • Sajal Ali
  • Urwa and Mawra Hocane

Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan, a beautiful Pakistani actress who started off not very attractive and good looking in her early days of show business has since improved herself with skin whitening treatments and face surgery.

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is a Pakistani actress that has been in the entertainment industry for years. She was once known to have dark skin, but now people call her doll-like complexion because of how fair it appears compared with what they remember from before. And yeah. She is also one of those Pakistani actors who use whitening injection.

Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshal is a Pakistani model who was born in the dark to fair-skinned parents. But even though she had ancestors from all over Asia, there were still times when Sunita felt unwanted because of her skin tone and appearance – until now.

After years on photo shoots with lights that would give off harsh glare or spotlighting so bright you can see every freckle across your face; finally someone told this beautiful girl “you’re good enough.” And after going through treatment sessions at doctors clinics around town just trying anything before they ran out—it worked: not only did I get lighter but also more confident than ever before.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat, a successful Pakistani actress and model has undergone different surgeries including a nose job. Apart from all this the hot diva also underwent skin brightening treatments to look fairer and beautiful in front of her fans on social media platforms like Instagram where she posts pictures regularly.

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The way we see ourselves can have an impact on our mental health- so make sure your self-esteem is up by taking care of yourself emotionally first before anything else such as eating healthy foods or exercising regularly because if you feel good then everything else just falls into place easier.

Sanam Baloch

Sanam is an accomplished actress who was born in the country of Pakistan. She has had skin whitening treatments done to make her look even more beautiful than before, and it’s worked perfectly.

Humaima Malik

Do you remember Humaima? She used to be so pale and skinny, but now she looks flawless with beautiful skin. I’m so impressed by what she’s done for herself.

Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas has a dark complexion that was once very rare, but with each passing day it becomes more and less hers. As time went on she found herself getting lighter due to expensive skin brightening treatments.

A few years ago Amna’s natural hair color would have stayed this way even if she never took any steps at all for combating her discoloration problems; however these days there are products available in stores or online meant specifically towards people like us- those looking not just for fairer complexions but also ways of making ourselves look as though they’re already present.

Nida Yasir

I can’t believe it! I just saw the before and after pics of Nida Yasir, she has got skin whitening treatments or injections. No one is denying that anymore because we all know how effective these are for getting rid of dark spots on your body–especially in public places where people have an opinion about what you look like as soon as they see something more than tanned.

There was a time when makeup companies only made foundations to cover up freckles; now there’s everything from blushes with antioxidants to concealer stick.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar

The actress who is currently making headlines for her upcoming Bollywood movie with Irrfan Khan, has also undergone skin fairness surgeries in order to look more attractive and beautiful.

The starlet’s transformation was first noticed on Instagram when photos surfaced showing off how Indian women could now achieve the all-American “Caucasian” ideal with just a little help from doctors.

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa first came to fame in the hit serial Sheeshay Ka Mahal. It was only a few years later that he made his mark as an actor, with other notable television serials being Aashti and Main Abdul Qadir Hoon; all three are quite popular nowadays because of their memorable characters they played which were related to drama or romance genres respectively – Ideal for those looking forward some good old-fashioned tear jerking moments.

As far as I know there have been no reports saying if this man uses skin lightening injections? Some rumors say yes while others don’t but either way it’s something worth asking him about before taking any further actions.

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Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed has always been the type of person who takes risks and goes against society’s norms. 

After taking a break from acting, she came back with an entirely different mindset: all about doing what is best for her character in Deedan rather than herself as before when it comes down to makeup or hair style choices that made Sanam look glamorous but not at any cost.

Sanam’s natural look

Sanam’s light foundation shade gave off such natural looking results without even making you think twice about how great this woman looked on camera compared to most celebrities nowadays- we can only imagine how successful they’ll be once people start paying attention again because there are few actors/actresses available out there these days (especially Iranian). Sanam Saeed’s new hair and makeup look is a subject of debate. The 34-year old model has always been proud to be herself, but maybe she doesn’t like her skin tone so much anymore?

Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali

This cute looking actress had a dull complexion when joined the showbiz, but day by day she groomed her looks and made our jaws drop with stunning’s beauty. All thanks to skin miracle treatments.

Urwa and Mawra Hocane

Urwa and Mawra Hocane

The Hocane sisters also got skin fairness treatments done. If you don’t agree, then here’s the proof that they have gone through a process of permanent skin bleaching.


1.       Why are Pakistani actresses so beautiful?

It’s all because of an Indo-Aryan ancestry, sharp features, magical big eyes, physique and utmost feminine characters that makes them most beautiful.

Punjabi, Pashtun & Kashmiri Women have the finest Caucasoid features. They speak Indo-Aryan languages which are often referred to as “Indo European” by many people in modern society. 

The Greeks had traveled through these parts of Pakistan during their era and were completely enchanted by what they saw; describing it as “lands filled with living demigods” or even more melodramatically telling tales about how men’s eyesight would fail if they looked too long into an Indian woman’s gaze because he felt that she will enchant him.

2.        What are the whitening injection side effects?

Although, whitening injections make you look fair and beautiful, yet they have many side effects which includes

  • Abdominal pain
  • Kidney failure
  • Rashes
  • swelling of skin
  • Sensitivity to sun
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Obesity
  • Hair loss
  • Chest tightness and pain
  • Nausea
  • Breast pain
  • Disorders of eyes
  • Lack of feeling

3.       What is full body whitening injection price in Pakistan?

It depends on the quality but, mostly it is in range of 6000-8000 per injection.

4.       What is skin tone chart of Pakistan?

The skin tones of Pakistan and India is the most attractive ones. They usually ranges from light to dark brown.

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