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Top 10 Indian Actors working in Pakistan

Indian actors working in Pakistan and are highly appreciated by Pakistani audiences. Indian movies like “Toilet Ek Prem Katha”, Dangal”, and “PK” have been widely accepted by the Pakistani people. 

These films have contributed towards a better understanding of the other culture and even inspired some to visit India as well. Actors such as Akshay Kumar or Shah Rukh Khan are seen everywhere on TV channels in Pakistan for their famous Bollywood films which make them popular among young Pakistani viewers. 

It is also worth noting that these actors do not get any payment from the Indian government, but they earn a lot of money through advertisements in Pakistan with brands like Pepsi Co., Nestle etc.

Pakistani Actors in Bollywood

For decades, Bollywood has been a powerhouse in the movie industry. The Indian film industry is responsible for producing some of the most popular movies and songs that people know and love. However, it’s not just India making waves in this area. 

Pakistani actors have also become more prominent over the last few years because of their work with Bollywood films such as Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) and Raees (2017).

Pakistani actors are even getting roles on Indian TV shows now! For example, Fawad Khan played the role of Dr. Riz Ahmed on an episode of “Criminal Minds.” This is one way to get noticed by big-name producers like Shah Rukh Khan who seem to be interested in working with Pakistani actors.

Here is a complete list of top 10 Indian Actors working in Pakistan.

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Ally Khan


Alyy Khan is a Pakistani British actor who has worked all over the world. He was born in Karachi and moved to London when he was nine years old. His mother still lives in Mumbai, India while his school education took place entirely in both Pakistan and England. 

After getting a diploma from Pimlico Arts Council located at London, Alyy started working as an assistant director on various film sets around Europe for more than five years before going into acting himself.

Om Puri


The late actor Om Puri is the most popular Indian actor in Pakistan. Film’s name was Actor In Law. The Pakistani public was captivated by his performance, which gained him critical acclaim from local critics and observers alike – he truly is an ambassador of peace!

Arbaz Khan


Godfather is a Pakistani Urdu film with an all-star cast that includes actors from both India and Pakistan. Due to its popularity, the movie became known as ‘The People’s Choice’. Arbaz khan was the main lead of movie. It was release in 2007.

Shweta Tiwari


Kasautii Zindagi Kay star, Shweta Tiwari’s Pakistani film has been panned by critics. She was casted in the Sultanat which failed at box office despite being one of its highlights!

Johny Lever


Johnny Lever is a famous Indian comedian and actor who has played the role of comic in Love Mein Ghum in 2011. He’s admired by many fans from both India, Pakistan for his acting skills

Yes you read it right- Johnny Lever plays an important part as movie producer/director along with other characters while still maintaining credibility through humor.”

Amrita Arora


The Indian TV presenter and film actress Amrita Arora is one of the top Bollywood actors, also appeared in Godfather.

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Pakistani actors were Mikaal Zulfiqar, Atiqa Odho and Shafqat Cheema who played the part of Pakistanis while Indian Actors such as Vinod Khanna or Hrishitaa Bhatt portrayed them too! 

The movie didn’t do so well at Box Office though with only a few showing up on opening day for it to be closed down soon after—although there was some controversy over its lacklustre reception when many people thought Ajab Gul’s performance wasn’t very good because he looked nothing like what we expect an Afghani man would look like (as mentioned by External Link).


Kirron Kher


The creative actress Kirron Kher did a landmark Pakistani film called Khamosh Pani in 2003. This movie was shot in pakistan and released both countries, India & Pakistan; it won many international awards including Best Actress Award at Locarno Film Festival for acting by this talent of Indian origin!

Gulshan Grover


He played the bad man role in Lollywood movie Virsa. Indian actor Arya Babbar also acted alongside him and surprised everyone with his amazing acting skills!

Sheila Ramani


The Indian actress Sheila Ramani made history when she starred in Anokhi 1959, pakistan’s top feature film.

Vinod Khana


Veteran Indian actor Vinod Khanna is making history by appearing in a Pakistani movie for the first time. The film, titled Godfather (ARY Digital), was released nationwide and distributed with much success thanks to its great directorial team.

Do you guys know any other Bollywood Actor who loves Pakistan. Who is your most favorite Bollywood actor who worked in Pakistan, who should be on list? Share your thoughts!!

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