Top 10 Pakistani Movies of All Time And Where To Watch Them

Are you a movie addict? Do you love to explore movies of all cultures. Well you are at the right place. here I have the 10 most watched Pakistani movies of all the times. Movies and music are the two sources of nostalgia. Its such a powerful emotion that can be evoked in many ways. 

For example, watching Cinderella and Babys day out ignites nostalgia in me. Whether you are an Indian or Pakistani, the childhood days bring back sweet memories.

Sadly, things were a little different growing up in Pakistan. Now that I think of it, there weren’t even any cartoons or movies from my culture shown on television when we watched them, which showed what life was like for children here during our childhoods; this is how they portrayed us!

I blame India because their film industry has taken off while ours still can’t get enough viewers to watch anything other than Urdu soap operas every day at 3 pm over Ramadan break. 

The rising of Pakistani cinema

The Pakistani cinema, which was in a slump up until the late 2000s when Shoaib Mansoor made Khuda Kay Liye, has slowly been making its way back into public consciousness. If this trend continues, it will mean that every new generation gets to enjoy their nostalgia for movies from Pakistan’s golden age of film-making.

Best Pakistani movies list

The list of highest-grossing Pakistani movies on Google suggests that most films are ahead in maturity, artsy for the average viewer. Nonetheless, these films laid down robust groundwork which will help future generations flourish with their work.

Teefa In Trouble is at number one position while other significant movies like Bol, Khuda K Liye, Mah e Mir, Kabooter are not there.

The ten most essential movies from contemporary Pakistani cinema that are shaping the country’s film industry for good are as follows.

1. KHUDA KAY LIYE (2007)

Syed Sibte Hasan, one of the pioneers in Pakistan and Marxism’s countrywide representative, once said: “Art without social consciousness is like an unfinished painting.” The quote states that artistic expressions must relate to society. Bearing this perspective in mind, Shoaib Khan’s film “Khuda Kay Liye” (In The Name Of God) can be seen as his debut cinematic expression, rendered complete with its religious messages.

Short Storyline and Theme

The film follows the lives of Sarmad (Fawad Khan) and Mansoor (Shaan Shahid) from Lahore. This heart-wrenching journey delves into how these men were caught up in an intense conflict after 9/11. They struggle with religious extremism and must face personal growth when it comes to Islamophobia or forced marriages for women who don’t want any part of this plague against them yet still find themselves, victims, anyway – unable to fight back because there is no voice worth speaking out too!

The actors do stellar jobs at painting broad cinematic pictures while capturing truths about all perspectives involved–from extremists on one end who believe everyone deserves hellfire.

The film also features a cameo appearance by renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah. The soundtrack and score are made up of music from India, which should not be missed in this complete work-of-socially conscious cinema!

WATCH IN THE NAME OF GOD(Khuda Ke Liye) ON youtube

2. BOL (2011)

“Jab khila nahi saktay, to paida kiu kartay ho?” (If you cannot feed us, then why did you bring us?) Even after all these years, whenever I hear this monologue from Bol, I get goosebumps.

Theme and Storyline

The story of the family victimized by their father because he wanted a son but got six female daughters instead is so tragic! He spent nights and nights in sujood for a son but got a transgender son in this society.

It’s a bold and scandalous topic that has been tackled in the film, but not without controversy. I sometimes think that People were still quite conservative when this movie came out–how did it premiere?



Laal Kabootar is a thrilling and honest portrayal of life in Karachi during the dark days.

Theme and storyline

As opposed to other thrillers which seem unrealistic, this one captures everything perfectly: from how people live their daily lives on an Uber driver’s journey through Dubai (his childhood dream), or what happens when they lose something important (a widow), a corrupt policeman, a shady businessman and how their paths are interconnected all way up until murder mystery that leaves us guessing who done it? It’s about love-both lost and found–dreams becoming a reality, anger over injustice against individuals and society, responsibility/ obligation.

Best thrilling soundtrack that can give you goosebumps

The film has a few flaws, but these are forgivable. foremost among them is the soundtrack composed by Taha Malik- a fantastic blend between traditional folk and punk techno that unites both old traditions with new wave sounds for something original while still appealing to young audiences

I can’t help praise this eclectic soundtrack because it does justice by respecting its roots without alienating future generations.


4. CAKE (2018)

“Cake” is a story of two lovers who have loved and lost but are still compelled to find redemption in each other. The film has many beautiful shots with stellar performances that make this movie an essential watch for anyone looking to fall in love again or experience something new!

Theme and storyline

The Cake is a movie about family relationships, and it will make you laugh, smile, cry. But what makes Cake so unique? It’s one of those films where after watching the conclusion has come to fruition in your head-wherein all of these thoughts settle with regard towards life choices or current relationship status!



Pinky Memsaab is a heart-warming drama about an innocent village girl who finds herself in an upper-class Dubai household. Pinky moves to work as a maid for financial relief of her family but ends up working with one of the wealthiest people there – A writer struggling to finish their next piece entitled “Pinky.”

The film Pinky Memsaab is a masterpiece of Indian cinema; it has captured the nuances and complexities within all relationships.


 The movie shows how people from different backgrounds can relate their struggles even if they don’t know each other personally by showing this gap between rich/poor life paths and an understanding for those without privilege or opportunity.



6. MANTO (2015)

“Who is the greater writer, God or him?” The words above are engraved on Manto – one of the greatest short story writers’ epitaphs. It’s not a film in its traditional sense; instead, it’s an artistic expression from one artist (Sarmad) to another about understanding and appreciation for each other through their shared love between writing stories.

Honestly, I had never heard of him being so great until seeing this movie with Sarmad, who played his part well enough that it made me realize just how good they both could be at telling tales!


I don’t know about you, but I find Manto to be an inspiration. He is a man who was not only one of the greatest Urdu writers ever to grace this world with his words and stories; he also happens to have been through some pretty heavy stuff – from living under British rule as well as being saddled by socio-political conditions that would make most modern-day people’s heads spin! And yet somehow he managed to create such powerful artistry out of something so dark? 

It left me speechless when first reading him because there wasn’t any trace of pity in these characters’ hearts – they were going about their daily lives doing whatever needed to be done without thinking twice before committing acts that might cause harm indeed , it is on the best Pakistani movies list.


7. MAH E MIR (2016)

Mah E Mir is an offbeat film that celebrates Urdu – its madness and beauty. The story relates Jamal to Mir TaqiMir, an 18th-century poet known for being among the pioneers of his language with no regard for tradition or social norms; he was also diagnosed as mentally ill at one point during life due to this condition which led him into homelessness before composing some masterful poetry about it all!

Best visuals

The film is beautiful but challenging to follow the story that will have you hooked from start to finish. However, Mah e Mir has its flaws: while the visuals are captivating and powerful, there’s too much use of terms specific only for those who know Urdu or poetry, which may make it hard for viewers not versed in these languages. The acting remains top-notch regardless, though, so if neither aspect deters you, then definitely give this one-shot masterpiece a watch!


8. MOOR (2015)

The war between good and evil is waged in every human being, but it’s always an internal battle. In “Moor,” a beautiful yet haunting story unfolds where the protagonist questions his own identity while caught up with conflicts of other people around him who are also struggling for righteousness. Jami’s stellar direction combined Strings’ atmospheric soundtrack that accentuates each scene perfectly complementing Anwar Maqsood’s powerhouse performance as you witness how he fights against himself to find what makes him truly happy

Definitely check out this movie!



Teefa in Trouble is a film that you can watch even in cinema but it is the best Pakistani movie on Netflix. It’s an action-comedy, and nothing groundbreaking happens throughout it. Yet, somehow this one surpasses its rivals such as Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and sequel because of how well delivered dialogue was (it still has grace), original jokes were made which didn’t get old fast like some others do when they’re repeated too much later down throughout movies., sanity storyline–that’s what sets them apart!.


A local gangster falls in love with the girl he was sent to abduct. Not only does the production design have jaw-dropping sequences, but it also has some of the best action scenes you will ever find– Pakistani or otherwise!


10. ZINDA BHAAG (2013)

The film Zinda Bhaag is a low-budget, underrated gem that couldn’t get the limelight it deserved. However, this may be changing with four awards at international festivals and the “Special Jury Award” from Jaipur International Film Festival! The story follows three friends who come together believing there’s no other way for their financial problems than through going abroad to solve all these issues they face each day–but will nothing but hope keep them afloat when faced with adversity?


“Zinda Bhaag” is a story of three friends in Lahore who are faced with all kinds of difficulties. The film captures the actual hardships that these individuals have to bear when they’re left on their own, unable even by family members or anyone else for that matter; this makes “Zinda Bhag” not only an artistic tribute but also serves as inspiration towards others going through similar situations.

The three different journeys portrayed here exemplify how no matter what happens- whether good or bad – it’s essential to find something within yourself where there was once darkness.

Watch Zinda Bhag on Youtube

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