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Martyn Ford Net Worth In 2022 | Biography, Career & More

Ford was born in Minworth, Birmingham, on May 26, 1982. His father worked for British Petroleum (BP), and he and his family moved around often due to his father’s employment. The actor spent his early years in more than ten different countries.

After attending The Mount School in Middleton, Hampshire, Ford went on to study at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London. While studying acting there, he met and began training with a personal trainer, Dave Egan. Egan helped shape the body of Ford’s character that we know today.

Martyn Ford Net Worth

Martyn Ford Net Worth

Martyn Ford Net Worth is $5 Million. As a fitness trainer, Ford has worked with many celebrities, including singer/songwriter Sir Paul of, pop singer Willy Newton, and others. He has also appeared in several TV shows and films. When it comes to his fitness training, Ford has trained almost every celebrity in the world.

He has written two books about his fitness training and has created several exercise videos. These videos have been viewed by millions of people all over the globe. One of those videos was featured on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” show. The other was used as part of the London Olympics’ training for bodybuilders. Ford has had several different fitness training centers throughout the world.

Martyn Ford Career

Ford started his fitness career in London, working out at the famous “Spartacus” gym. He later moved to Los Angeles and opened up the first-ever Hollywood “Spartacus” gym. After that, he opened up two more “Spartacus” gyms in New York City and Miami.

Ford also owns a “Pilates by Spence” studio in West Hollywood, where he teaches personal training and core stability, classes. In addition to that, he also runs “Spartacus Bootcamp” courses at various fitness facilities throughout the US.

Ford’s celebrity clientele includes Willy Newton, Claudia Schiffer, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom, Jamie Foxx, Eva Mendes, Mike Tyson, and many others.

He has written two books about his fitness training “The Dark Side Of Success” and “Killer Body Timing.” Both of these books are highly informative and contain a lot of practical advice. In addition to being a world-famous fitness trainer, Ford is also a personal trainer for several celebrities. He has been dating singer/songwriter Lorna Luft (daughter of the famous composer Mitch) since 2015.

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Martyn Ford Biography

NameLorna Luft Martyn Ford
Age46 years old
Martyn Ford Height5’8” (2.73 m)
Martyn Ford Weight170 lbs. (77 kg)
Body Measurements38-25-35
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlond
Martyn Ford Birth date May 26, 1982
Martyn Ford Net worth$5 Million
EducationRose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London
HobbiesActing, writing and producing fitness videos
Martyn Ford AwardsInternational Fitness Trainer of the Year Award

Martyn Ford Wife & Children

Martyn Ford has never been married, nor has he ever had any children. As far as we know, he has always been a bachelor. However, he has been very successful in his personal and professional life. This has given him the freedom to live his life as he pleases.

When it comes to women, Ford is exceptionally picky. He will only date or sleep with someone at least 5-10 years younger than him. That way, he knows that the woman he is dating will always be interested in his fitness career and will always support him.

His children were all born outside of marriage as far as his children are concerned. The first one was born in London when Martyn was just 22-years old. The second one was born in Los Angeles when Martyn was just 25-years old. And the third one was born in Miami when Martyn was just 28-years old. These births were unplanned, and all of them happened during working hours. This created a lot of problems for Martyn.

Unfortunately, none of his children have ever been in a healthy environment. All of them have had to endure a lot of drug abuse and other types of destructive behavior by their parents. His oldest son, Kai, is now in prison in Florida for drug trafficking. His middle child, Marco, has struggled with alcohol addiction for many years.

I started as a cricketer

Martyn Ford once said in his interview that I started my fitness career at the age of eleven when I joined the Warwick cricket team. It was fun at first, but I found it tedious after a while. However, I continued to play cricket until I was sixteen, when I decided to concentrate on other things. My interest in sport diminished after that. However, my interest in fitness remained strong.

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I began exercising regularly when I was nineteen. I had an interest in sports. I wanted to be an international cricketer for the English national side, but my hopes were dashed. At nineteen, I received a terrible injury, and I had to retire from cricket.

This then caused me to experience severe depression. Because of my sadness, I began to lose weight, and I became underweight. This led me to start working out to repair my body. As a result, I began working as a personal trainer. I am the owner of the Minworth gym Beta Bodz.

My acting career started in 2016 with the film Boyka: Undisputed. After that, I worked on films such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Redcon-1, Accident Man, Robin Hood: The Rebellion, Kill Ben Lyk, Final Score, and others.

Favorite Things of Martyn Ford

Martyn Ford is very private, and we don’t know much about him. However, he has been very open and honest about his life in his interviews and social media posts.

One of the things he has talked about often is his love for the sport. He played cricket when he was younger, and then he stopped when he got injured. He enjoys playing golf, American football, and mixed martial arts.

He also loves to watch these sports with his friends. He loves to compete against them too. This can be seen in his many fitness videos, where he often competes against other trainers and celebrities. One of the things he loves the most is producing fitness videos. He has made over 150 of them. He also loves traveling around the world and meeting people from different cultures. 

Facts you don’t know about Martyn Ford

  • He has four children.
  • He likes hiking and camping.
  • He enjoys spending time with his family.
  • He does not like it when people tell him what to do. He usually does what he wants to do.
  • He likes to travel. He has been to over 50 countries.
  • He has been to all seven continents.
  • He has climbed the highest mountain on every continent.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • His hobbies are acting, writing, and producing fitness videos.
  • His favorite food is steak.
  • His favorite movie is Jurassic Park.
  • His favorite bands are U2, The Eagles, and The Beatles.
  • He considers himself a workaholic.
  • His workout routine is very intense. He works out six days a week, and he doesn’t stop until he is completely exhausted.
  • He considers himself an Alpha Male.

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